Brandyn Lynch

imageThe Fighters Foundations was started with funds donated by friends and family of Vernon Lynch Sr. after he lost his battle with cancer on June 16th,2001. We are a Christian nonprofit philanthropic organization that focuses on providing general support training and saftey equipment for under privileged amateur boxers, martial artists and their respective gyms and dojos. We are committed to seeking new ways to reduce the amount of head trauma fighters receive in combat sports which can sometimes lead to long term brain damage. Good defense is the key to victory in nearly every sport and is more important to a fighter than any other athlete. DEFENSE is the first line of defense in the fight against traumatic brain injury in combat sports. The Fighters Foundation’s grass roots initiative is to promote new training tools and techniques that help build greater defensive skills in combat sport participants in their formative years of training.

In 2019 we will be working hand and hand with other nonprofit organizations throughout the United States to facilitate our good will. We greatly appreciate the donations we’ve received from our Hollywood supporters. We fight “The Good Fight” so future generations of fighters can retire with a better quality of life.

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